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"We think that after putting themselves in harm's way and being placed in charge of millions of dollars in equipment, our nation's veterans deserve more than a dead-end minimum wage job, where they can tell someone to 'Go find diapers in Aisle 3,' or ask someone, 'Would you like cream in your freshly-brewed decaf?' This is certainly not the 'American Dream' that any one of us would expect or hope for, and this is certainly not the 'American Dream' that our brave men and women in uniform fought so hard to defend."


That is why VetBizCommunity™ was created.  The goal of VetBizCommunity™ is to give both veterans and newly-separated military personnel the opportunity to explore viable and sustainable career options that will allow them to truly launch their future. We help veterans to explore their options for successful business ownership in five (5) ways:


  1. If a veteran wants to be a business owner, but does not know what kind of business would be right for them, we are here to help them to find a business that is right for them
  2. If a veteran has a business idea and needs to know what to do next, we have a team of professionals who are here to help them with every facet of their business growth and development, including:
    1. The filing of business license applications and legal documents
    2. The creation of a plan for successful business growth strategy, customer acquisition and retention, and obtaining financing
    3. The creation of business branding and identity, including logo and website design, as well as design of Social Media identity and strategy and marketing collateral materials.
    4. Setup of initial operations and procedure infrastructure
    5. Analysis and assessment of Human Resources and insurance needs
    6. Setup of proper accounting and bookkeeping procedures and records
    7. Acquisition of Certified Veteran Business Owner status, as well as advice on how to best utilize this status
    8. Assistance with the creation of proposals
    9. Assistance with the creation of business contracts
    10. Assistance with the filing of patents
    11. Assistance with the marketing of inventions
    12. Preparation for client/customer marketing interviews
  3. If a veteran has already started their business, we are here to help them to grow their business, as well as to hire other veterans to expand their business endeavor
  4. If a veteran wants to connect with their entrepreneur and business owner peers in the Veteran Business Community, we provide weekly meetings where they can:
    1. Connect with veteran entrepreneurs of like mind
    2. Participate in a proven Business Development Curriculum where they can learn practical "street-wise" tips that will make them a stronger business owner.
    3. Participate in Focus Groups where they can both give and receive assistance from their peers regarding:
      1. Solving day-to-day business issues
      2. Decision-making assistance regarding such things as business strategy, logo design choice or business names
  5. If a veteran needs support for their physical and emotional health, or support to keep their family strong, we have a team of professionals here to help. We feel that the task of being a business owner is much like the task of being an athlete that in this case is running the "Great Entrepreneurial Marathon."  Attention needs to be paid to the "Total Athlete" to ensure that they will remain strong and win the race.

We Believe in the Rule That "No One Gets Left Behind.”


We feel that the only way to solve our veteran job crisis is to create a strong business community that in turn creates the economic growth that will then "take a bite" out of veteran unemployment.  When veteran entrepreneurs are successful, they will not only create their own employment, they will create employment for their fellow veterans. And when that happens, everybody wins!


We Work With Our Veteran Entrepreneurs to Not Only Hire Their Fellow Vets, But To Keep Them Succefully Hired As Well


No company is going to understand veterans and want to chanpion for their employment and career success more than a company that is owned, operated and created by a fellow veteran.  It is a well-known fact that smaller organizations can more effectively mentor their employees.  This creates not only a winning scenario for job-seeking veterans, it also benefits the hiring businesses because it reduces their employee turnover.  That is why we further assist our veteran entrepreneurs in their hiring and staffing process by giving them the opportunity to create a "From Day One Program" in their workplace.  This program allows them to create the following attributes into their veteran hiring program to ensure the success of their veteran employees:

  1. Development of a clearly-defined hiring process for veterans in the workplace
  2. Define convertable and transferable skills of employees as needed to ensure their job placement success
  3. Creation of shadowing programs with fellow veteran employees to create insight into both hard skills and soft skills that are needed to ensure veteran employment success
  4. Participation in the Business Soft Skills Program to prepare them for successful and productive interaction with civilians in the workplace.
  5. Creation of a mentoring program to ensure that veteran employees are guided toward long-term career success
  6. The creation of a veteran-centered culture to create camaraderie and a sense of belonging in the workplace

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We sposor a monthly Veteran Entrepreneur Committee that meets at the San Diego Urban League! For information on how to participate, please contact us by either calling us at (888)653-7810, or using the Contact Form on this website.

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