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Lynn Sarkany, Executive Director

Email: Lsarkany@VetBizCommunity.org

Main: (888)653-7810

Direct: (818)974-1664


"I have an MBA Degree with an emphasis in Marketing and Strategic Planning from Claremont Graduate University. I also have an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Michigan. I have owned my own practice as a business and marketing consultant for over 20 years. I had a 14-year career as a Power Engineer, and I am an Adjunct Professor of Business Strategy, Marketing and Public Relations.  My experience as an entrepreneur and business owner, a professor, an Electrical Engineer, and a mentor for business owners and entrepreneurs in a vairety of fields and industries, has given me the ability to create a 'hands on' program for business startup and growth that gives business owners and entrepreneurs the support that they need to ensure their lasting business success.  


My nearsighted vision kept me from fulfilling my dream to become a Test Pilot in the Air Force, but my Korean War veteran father instilled a special place in my heart for our nation's military.  I feel that if you or your loved one have placed yourself in harm's way to keep our country safe, then you deserve all the support that you need to own your own business and create a fantastic future, as well as your own version of 'The American Dream.'   I have made a personal commitment to help you to achieve business success."

                                                                                      ~Lynn Sarkany, Executive Director, VetBizCommunity™  

Kim Schott, Regional State Director, Michigan State Region


Email: Kim.Schott@VetBizCommunity.org

Main: (888)653-7810

Direct: (248) 390-4987


As the president of Schott Cultural Consulting and author of the Keys to Client Communication System™, I help small and mid-size organizations get found online easier. I help businesses consistently attract groups of their most profitable English, Chinese, and Spanish speaking clients using Multicultural Marketing and digital media. I use market research and sales tactics that resonate with different genders, lifestyles, age groups and specific ethnic markets.


From Certified Cultural Facilitator to Six Sigma Green Belt training, I seek to understand people and processes. I have worked as a global business consultant in both Fortune 500 corporations and small businesses. With a determination to connect with peers from all corners of the globe, I have become known for my engaging, professional style, marketing research, respect of cultural values, and sense of humor.

I earned my BBA from William Tyndale College in Farmington Hills, Michigan. But I will tell you that education is useless without wisdom. I hold a Cultural Facilitator (CCF) certification, a SCORE mentor certification, a Constant Contact software certification, and an active member of the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. I have been internationally published in L’Entreprise and 1to1 Media magazines.

Above all, I believe organizations, like people, exist to improve the quality of human lives. I’ll often point out that the easiest way to effortless marketing and client communication is to understand a person’s culture, and to see the intrinsic worth in all human beings.


 ~Kim Schott, Michigan Regional State Director, VetBizCommunity™ 


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